Birth Freebies and Gift Ideas



What to give to new or future parents? What baby gift matches their needs? Baby freebies offer the birth gift idea and a selection of the most useful products for the well-being of the baby. To find a birth gift idea that birth of style and will stand out, trust baby stores that offer gift ideas and baby freebies.

Are you looking for birth gifts and baby freebies?

We all know that it is not always easy to find a birth gift idea both original and practical.

Baby stores offer sections that include birth gifts and baby freebies and a wide selection of products that are both beautiful and useful.

Thus, to find the perfect baby gift to offer in a shower, baby freebies products will assure you the best quality.

For parents who have everything, parents who have taste, you will also find birth gift ideas for their babies.

In order to prolong the pleasure, you want a birth gift that will serve when the child grew up somewhat? You can find educational games, awakening toys; stuffed animals and soft toys that will satisfy mom and dad when soon, the baby will grow.

Plan ahead and check baby freebies and birth gift ideas to find a baby gift that will be a symbolic treasured keepsake.



Baby Samples and Freebies


Baby freebies a partner site dedicated to free samples and baby stuff.

The “babies” category should attract many mothers or pregnant women looking for products to be tested or small gifts. The site redirects you to the organizations and companies that offer samples. Diapers, jars, creams washer, birth boxes, baby magazines … With a few clicks you can access the different forms to fill out to take advantage of free offers. Mothers who have children a little older will receive coloring booklets, comics, posters and stickers.

On this site, no need to register to get great deals, you can surf freely and have access to all content. Simply and effectively!

Baby freebies offer different free samples and birth gifts, that is to say a kit filled with small free gifts to save on food products, hygiene and baby care…

Composition of birth gift (kit)

Birth kit in question to be offered consists of booklets and magazines full of advice for moms, free samples and coupons on account of hygiene products, food, beverage and baby care.


Baby Gifts Trend



If you’re an expectant mother in need of inspiration for your birth list, here are some unique gifts trends sure to please!

Sweet, simple and natural

You will find in many stores a nice collection of pajamas, blankets and sleepers to suit both boys and girls. Printed are simple and monochrome, which is perfect for a gift when you do not know the sex of the baby.

Unusual cuddly

Say goodbye to the traditional pink or blue teddy bears, and make up the friendly and original cuddly. Your baby will delight with these bears presented in a pretty gift box shaped like a house.

Diapers bag

There are many diaper bags that delight Mom and encourage Dad to go out alone with baby. These diaper bags made ​​from organic cotton wear over the shoulder or on the shoulder and will be more practical with their four interior pockets, bottle, bottle of water and food, to better organize all personal effects of the baby.


Baby Gift Ideas


You want an offer of an original baby gift? Whether you are looking for a gift idea baptism, birth gift idea or just a gift idea for baby, whatever the occasion, don’t worry, our “baby freebies” will inspire you. Grandparents, family and friends, buy, receive or deliver packed​  directly everything mom and baby can desire.

Find a baby gift idea


Find a practical baby gift, useful, sometimes symbolic and always unique; this is the challenge.

Thus, the baby gift idea offers a variety of gift ideas for baby, from educational games with wakefulness accessories, not to mention various stuffed animals and soft toys. Everything to find a baby gift that will stimulate.

The baptism gift idea offers a selection of symbolic baby gifts that will be a beautiful memory that will grow with baby.

The birth gift idea, meanwhile, offers a variety of convenient and useful products as any new parent will be happy to receive.

Stop breaking your head to get the idea baby gift by excellence, many baby stores assure quality baby gifts that you can buy by reading assessments made ​​by other parents who have tested. In addition, the satisfaction guarantee and redemption ensure you a gift that pleases.

To find the appropriate gift for baby, trust in baby stores!



Baby Freebies Suggestions



Baby freebies compiled interesting and original ideas to inspire you to find the perfect gifts for future mothers to offer them different baby products!

Test Kit Baby

Certified organic products are particularly popular with moms who want to offer a pure and natural environment for their baby.

Baby sleeper

The sleeping bag acts as a mobile cover allowing your baby to stay comfortably warm all night. Several models and colors available for everyone!

Baby shoes

Baby shoes have soft and flexible soles that are ideal for the healthy growth of the foot. They are available in several attractive designs that give a sweet touch to baby feet!

Nursing pillow

Breastfeeding pillows are comfortable, practical and multi-purpose as they allow you to breastfeed comfortably in various positions and more to help you sleep comfortably during pregnancy or even support when baby learns to stand sitting.

Diaper bag

Diaper bags are vital for any new mom; these diaper bags are super practical in addition to being very fashionable. Several styles and colors are available.

Baby Freebies World


Baby freebies takes you into a world dedicated to the colorful and creative gifts for children and why not gifts for new born babies. Baby freebies offers baby gifts, decorative items, toys and original games for child selected for their quality. There is also a crafts section that is made ​​for personalized gifts.

Baby freebies select some of the finest childcare brands to offer a card with the baby’s name or as birth baskets, exclusive designs personalized that will please for sure. Lilliputians slip into baskets birth to melt moms and marvel babies.

There are also prestigious childcare brands manufactured in the United States. The offers arrive gradually on our pages, and will be followed by many other world brands.

The offers almost include: stuffed animals, toys and accessories for the bedroom or bathroom are part of this magic gift when small companions discover their favorite custom with their name.

Side playthings: many innovations for 0-36 months with Lilliputians toys that amaze small babies throughout the year and make great gifts for the curious ones.

We choose toys that give a real guarantee of fun, family-tested and elected by pilot parents. When parents give their like for a label game, you can be sure that your kids will love to play with.


Baby Free Samples


Before buying a product or new products, it is common to find free samples. Baby freebies search for you such deals, and tips to receive free samples of products from top brands. Thus, we offer samples and coupons for baby products and baby freebies.

Attention quantities are generally limited; you must act quickly to get your favorite products for free. You must follow the newest deals to be aware of the best deals of the moment and to receive free products!

There are also offers of common consumer products like milk, cakes … a wide range of samples to test and use for free.

Baby freebies and samples

All offers of free samples for babies and children: free toys, books, samples of food products, the best deals for the leisure of your children and other free products offered by different brands known in the United States.

Receive free samples directly from home

To promote new products or their image, many companies or brands offer free samples and test products for free baby magazines, foods and baby freebies… Most of the time, they offer on their website to fill out a form for requesting samples so the proposed product acquires a certain reputation among consumers.

Baby Free Gifts


We are currently in the month of the baby, as some major retailers offer great deals on products for baby (food, personal care products, diapers …) and organize even some free distribution of kit and birth boxes.

Just to inform or remind future parents that it is always possible to obtain in different stores, a free gift of substantially the same type of birth and gift boxes.

Baby freebies

Totally free and no obligation to buy, baby freebies are provided to mothers who go shopping in stores and present their certificate of pregnancy with their identity. Thus, they could obtain for free with some freebies dedicated to their little baby and consists of small things mentioned just below.

  • A 35-page magazine for expectant parents conducted by experts.
  • Free samples for baby.
  • Free Samples for Mom.
  • Coupons on products and services for the family.

So if you are young parents and therefore particularly interested in the baby freebies case, remember to still make a quick phone call to the store closest to you, so that it ensures that it is involved in the distribution.

Baby Favorite Gifts


Baby gifts, decorative items, wooden toys and games for children aged 0 to 12 years

Baby freebies offers educational games, toys, soft toys, soft toys and rag dolls, pedal cars and carriers for babies and children, especially wooden toys, sustainable, safe and sound! Wooden toys for kids and baby that are offered are manufactured in different countries of the world.

And also if you’re looking for a gift idea for a baby or a child, you are in the right place!

Crafts for kid’s room

There are special crafts made ​​to your bits of artisanal wood painting to decorate their room, the guarantee for an original birth gift idea.

Major brands of children’s toys

Baby freebies offers famous brands in children’s toys: toys Vilac, Schleich figurines, cars Baghera, Janod wooden toys, Selecta, cuddly and bears stories… All these brands trust us, they are for you assurance of quality products: gifts for children and baby safety standards in force.

Ethical commitments

Because we want the best, we are also pleased to offer you products of lesser known brands and creative artisans. As musical plush brand is whispering in my ear that makes stuffed animals and plush toys in the United States. Or some Chinese baby carrier, also called Mei Tai.





Baby Deals and Free Samples


Receive free products for babies and children of the best brands in the United States. Free diapers and free samples of creams and milk for babies, Pampers codes redeemable against attractive discounts and lots of free products offered by different brands.

Baby freebies for girls

One of the first gifts that will be given after the birth will be the girls Box. It is a package designed to keep all the precious memories of baby’s arrival, full of surprises, interesting information, beautiful samples, discount and very beneficial coupons for you and your baby.

The package is distributed in most maternity hospitals and other areas from your midwife liberal or your pediatrician.

Take time to discover quietly the content when your return home, taking full advantage of the presence of your baby.

Baby freebies for boys

Your baby is now a few months.

This is the time of new discoveries…

The Blue box, provide you with baby boy gifts, trial products and discount coupons for your little angel.