List of Essential things for the Baby


You’ve got almosttwo months and you have nothing selected for your gift registry, my girlfriend told methat organizing mybaby shower gift.
I searched for some ideas. After reading some articles and answers toa few people in the forums, I was more or less a good idea. Here is the list I have compiled more or less customized:
  •      A car seat
  •      a stroller
  •      a pram
  •      A front baby carrier
  •      Pairs of socks
  •      caps
  •      mittens
  •      pajamas
  •      Underwear (bodies)
  • A baby bed
  • a mattress
  • Changing table
  • A mattress for changingtable
  • Bed linen
  • blankets
  • A mini sleeping bag to keep warm
  • bathtubs
  • A toiletry kit (nail clippers, nail scissors, washablewipes)
  • Towels with hood
  • Washcloths
  • Cloth diapers
  • The cover layer
  • A diaper bag
  • An air purifier
  • intercom
  • A seat (seat bounce)
  • a swing
  • Glass bottles
  • a sterilizer
  • Of bibs (bibs)
  • Pacifiers and nipples
  • A high chair
  • A nursing pads
  • 2-3 bras breastfeeding
  • A poncho nursing
  • Bearing shells for bras 

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How to get free gifts for your baby

gifts for your baby

Children are said to be valuable, but the rise may be one of the most expensive things to do. However, there are some companies that offer FREE baby products and gift coupons leaders in manufacturing baby, Heinz, Nestle Carnation, Gerber, Johnson & Johnson, and many others. Yes,it’s true, your baby is entitled to receive some free from a low cost teethingring to starta kit parentalgifts.
In fact most companies are eager to meet the demand of free and other promotional items for themselves and their baby samples. You just need to send them an e-mail request for these samples. The free gift coupons will be delivered directly it in your mailbox. And do not forget, there is no obligation to buy stuff. As there are staggering costs involved in rising a child, such as free gifts can help you save significantly a lot of money. Some of these sites may require you to call them, but relax, they are toll free numbers.
You can enjoy the luxury of trying new baby items without spending moneyto compare products and decide the best for your baby. If parenting is a costly experience for most of us, why not something that comes for FREE.There is no limit to these gifts; they may include free baby cosmetics, samples of health and medicine, foodand drinks, diapers and clothes.
So look for sites that offer free baby products, and start saving today. Other than getting the most baby items free of charge, your life will become more exciting.

Wondering where to start? Use some of the keyas “free baby gifts” in your search phrases andcontinue to explore. You will be surprised to find free fabulous freebies for parents, including videos, baby bibs, and toys, all companies renowned.

If you want to make your search easierand much faster, you can choose to buy agreat book called The Best of Freebies Babies!The book is written by Sue Hannah, who observed the important contacts and listings in the form of a 101 page e-book. The book provides hundreds of ads from companies such as orders tooffer free newborn and his parents. For more details, you can also log onto the website

The site offers a comprehensive list ofbaby freebies, women freebies, free coupons, free food samplesand batches of candy, and interesting information about parenting.

Why not take advantage of world-class gift, when you have the opportunity to do so. Finally, a word of advicefor parents! Join as many mailing lists as possible and start enjoying special gifts for you and your babybecause it allows you to choose the best baby products, once you have testedall free.

Remember, your baby’s childhood is the most rewarding timeof your life. So give it your best smile and the best care in the world, while enjoying freebies for your baby.

Why Choose Organic Baby Clothes

Baby Clothes
Organic Baby clothes meet increasingly popular with young parents.All wants the best for theirchildren.
The benefits of organic baby clothes cotton are numerous:

He respects better skin baby soft dyes, no chemicals, no heavy metals, no formaldehyderesin

It is more pleasant to touch: soft and thick cotton clothes organic baby

It is hypoallergenic

Bleaching of cotton is
done with hydrogen peroxide significantly cleaner than chlorine
It is more ethical to workers in the field of cotton, not of child labor
The environment is spared the non-organic cotton is the crop most polluting the planet in terms of pesticides (it requires intensive use of synthetic pesticides, small organic cotton producers use natural pesticides and for the sake of our health at all!)
GOTS is the regulator reference certifies that the cotton is organic.

In conclusion, we can say that organic cotton improves the well-being of the baby and the human in general, the health of workers and our planet!

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Top tips on getting baby freebies


Babies are expensive. There is not a parent who would agree with you on this. However, many parents still do not know that it should not be and it certainly does not mean you have to sacrifice everything you have for a tiny creature.
If you’re one of the lucky ones, you now know that there are many companies that provide baby products baby away freebies for you to try, in the hope that you become their costume rehearsal after experiencing their products.
So what kind of baby freebies do these companies have to offer and how do you access them?
1. Free Diapers – Other than preparations layers are the most expensive product next baby there. So why not get free samples of diapers from Pampers.
2. Free photo contest – This is a fantastic way to earn some extra money on top of all the freebies baby, you can get. Each parent takes pictures of her newborn, so why not make good use of them? You can enroll in a second, all you need to do is download the photo and you’re halfway to the price!

3. Free toys and CDs – Of all the baby freebies available, free baby toys are the most fun to do. The variety is so great, and usually you would be happy to get all kinds of toys, no need to be as selective as here the formula or diapers. Toys R Us, for example, offers gift cards for baby freebies, and there are all sorts of free CDs, you can find as well.

Most cases free baby you can find online. It really is as simple as that, Google “free baby stuff” and hundreds (!, Or even thousands) of sites appear. Usually, you must submit your e-mail or address and you’re done!
The beauty of it all is that you can register with different accounts and e-mail address and get baby gifts over and over again, either for yourself or for your friends who just had a baby or even as birthday gifts.